Must know

How to behave on the yacht.

The captain is in charge of everything that’s happening on board. Captain’s decisions are absolute and mandatory to execute.

The board of ‘Sole Mio’ is a space free from discrimination, violence, arguments about politics and religion. Respectful conversations about one’s worldview are acceptable.

Please wear light footwear that protects the feet and does not leave dark marks on the deck.

Try to put things back in their proper places, don’t leave empty glasses on the table, they will fall and break when rocking.

Close all hatches before you go out to sea unless you want to sleep on a wet bed.

When using the toilet, do not throw toilet paper or other objects into it. Only what has passed through your digestive system can go into the toilet.

When the boat goes to the Sea, remove any items that are drying.

Don’t use fresh water unnecessarily, there is a limited supply of water on the boat.

And last but not least, remember that you are in a confined space, so be tolerant to the people around you. The sun rises above everyone.

What to take with you on a cruise?

Depending on your residence, please make sure you have your passport/travel passport/ID with you.
Due to the COVID-19 Global pandemic travel regulations may change. Some countries require necessarily full vaccination to allow their citizens to travel. In order to avoid all the inconveniences and stress, please check the official government websites of your country and the country you are going to visit, when planning the trip and do not rely on other people’s experiences.
If you are traveling with kids do not forget to check if there are any special documents and signatures to make before your child can leave the home country.

Please take your credit/debit cards. If you can, take Euros with you. If, for example, we are sailing in exotic regions, try to exchange local currency at home and bring it with you. There will be a possibility to withdraw local currency from a local ATM. But make sure to check before you leave if your card supports international cash withdrawals and what the fee is.

Most people take different medicines. Take the necessary medication you take regularly or often.
Getting to a doctor or pharmacy at the Sea is very difficult. Make sure to inform the Captain on the first day of the trip of your need for medication. Especially for heart problems, breathing problems, food and insect bites allergies!

If you don't know how you can handle seasickness, it's best to take seasickness pills with you.

For the cruise wear clothes that are comfortable and don't restrict your movements. Make sure to take with you:
Short- and long-sleeved T-shirt, shorts, swimming suits, light trousers, knitted jumper, fleece, light shirt with long sleeves. Regardless of the season, you should necessarily take a waterproof jacket, preferably in pair with trousers. Yacht waistcoats are very practical as they provide good protection against the fresh sea wind.

For the yacht you need lightweight shoes or slippers, preferably with light-colored soles that will not leave dark marks on the deck. Any other comfortable footwear can be taken ashore.

Make sure you get sunscreen with a UV filter that protects you well - SPF20, 30, or 50. On a yacht, you tan 3 times faster than on land. Sunburned shoulders can ruin even the most exciting holidays. You should also bring dark glasses (regardless of the sailing region), a hat with margins, a headscarf, or a baseball cap.

It's up to you. Moisturizing creams will come in handy. Don't worry if you forget something, usually, there is no problem buying cosmetics from your local shop.

If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, make sure you bring a second pair.
It can happen that glasses fall off your head and sink into the sea. It would be a shame to spend the rest of your holiday without admiring the view. You can also secure your eyeglasses by wearing special cords or tying thick strings around the temples.

Take your camera or smartphone to capture the unique moments and places you visit. Protect your electronic equipment from water. The best option is to buy a special waterproof case for your phone. The yachts have 12v plug sockets and we have 230v on board when in port. You can always charge your electronic devices.
Beware that the European type of socket is different from the non-European one. Make sure to buy the adapter if needed before the trip.

A soft bag that can be folded up and stowed in the cabin cupboard is more suitable for a yacht. If you take a plastic suitcase, it will take up space on the boat, obstructing the aisle, access to shelves, and exit from the cabin.